Great job, the male lead vocal is impressive
Hat off for the orchestral crescendo

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thank you. Thank you for your excellent evaluation.

This is an ambitious effort, but it’s riddled with timing problems on the vocal lines - almost as if it was step entered note by note - so the end result is off kilter and jerky feeling. (sorry) My advice to improve - You’ll get a much more flowing musical result if you’re able to play the notes in on a midi controller - in real time.

Thank you for pointing that out! Please tell me the specific method.

Being able to physically play the notes on a MIDI controller keyboard (piano style electronic keyboard) while Synth V is recording (the same way a tape recorder works) allows you to achieve more expressive note timings and durations. I’m just a SV beginner myself but working with a DAW (Logic Pro), MIDI interface , the Synth V Pro plug-in, and pro MIDI keyboard to “play along” with my songs - adding the melody in real time and making small adjustments later (or re-recording/replacing the part until I play it right.) I’m a former professional musician however so this may not be the same for others.

On a fundamental level - probably a USB/MIDI musical keyboard might work. Maybe even playing notes in on a computer type keyboard? BUT - I’m not a Synth V expert. I’m not even sure if you can import or otherwise create a stereo music track in it - and then add additional tracks of vocals on top. My experience level is beginner - and all I know so far is how to record notes by playing live in sync with my musical compositions. SV seems very deep on many levels so there are probably many ways to achieve real time recording input to achieve a natural flowing feel. Blind leading the blind - sorry!


Thank you Let me introduce myself a little bit. I live in Hiroshima, Japan. Actually, I’m a UKULELE PLAYER, so I can’t play keyboard instruments. As you pointed out, after inputting the melody via MIDI, Entering lyrics. Also, I’m not a native speaker of English, so The subtle nuances are very difficult for me. I will continue to create songs with SV, so please listen to them if you have a chance.

Nice to meet you - I look forward to hearing more of your music. Your English is good - well done! :grinning: