Five-Part Harmony With Hayden & Kevin

Yes, of course you are right. But it is impressive that the applications puts the pieces together in a way that makes it feel “real” and like the was performed as a whole! I’ll definitely have a look at that next year which is only 15 minutes away! At least here in Europe.

When you need to edit a track, just set your DAW to the same tempo as the song and every lick falls on a bar line, you can cut, paste and move around at will (you can NOW also do this within BiaB, but that IS an advanced thing.)

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Hummersallad, I know you bought BIAB mainly to generate vocal harmonies for use with synthesizer V. It will be great for you.

But now that you have the basic version (for a good price from Sweetwater) take your time to learn how to make backtracks using RealTracks as well. The_Soundsmith is right that you can do a lot with BIAB to make super-realistic backing tracks if you use the RealTracks that come with the program. The basic version you just bought does actually have 800 RealTracks, and I suggest you experiment with those for while as you learn the program. The version that The_Soundsmith is using has nearly 5,000 RealTracks, so a lot more choices of players, instruments and styles. Even so, his beautiful CD is a good demonstration of only a fraction of the possibilities, because he is mainly using Jazz, Smooth Jazz and related styles, but it can also do Country, Rock, Soul, Blues, Folk, Funk, Gospel, Heavy Metal, Ethnic, and dozens of other styles. And they are all real studio recordings of live players.

If you are surprised at how “real” The_Sounsmith tracks are (very well programmed and played!) listen to Band in a Box Radio and every song you hear there used the backing of BIAB.

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Thanks again ThomasS,
Checked out Band in a Box Radio on this first day of 2024 and yes, quite impressive! Albeit a bit male dominated.
I will definitely try to learn and explore BIAB as I’m sure it can be useful in many unexpected ways.
The PG Music chat was opened yesterday evening and they gave me some tips on how to get started!
My main objective is just to have fun and to see what kind of music I come up with. Maybe something, maybe nothing! :sweat_smile:

It’s MUSIC! Have fun, what’s the worst that can happen? Some bad notes, whoopee. But just maybe youj’ll create something unique, that’s the joy of music - hobby to dedicated pro - it’s MUSIC. End of story, beginning of melody line (“Hey babe, wanna come up and see my - melodies?”) :grin:

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TLDR (and I’m on Mac so maybe not a good idea anyway if there are limitations)
But - I was wondering if it can output the generated parts onto individual solo tracks - example - 5 tracks - 5 MIDI channels - to punch in/out mix and apply FX individually.

BiaB lets you output to separate channels, either as is or flat, dry and center - but as audio. There are some options to save MIDI stuff but I’ve never had a reason to use midi tracks instead of live instruments so I don’t know what to expect.

Audio to separate channels is great in BIAB, but it is harder to get it to send MIDI harmonies to separate channels. For Sythesizer V you need the MIDI tracks, which it will convert to audio.

Here is a simple track, made entirely in BIAB, including generating the harmonies, in a country style. BIAB did everything, and I just ran the harmonies through Synthesizer V.


I’ve been using midi for vocals for a long time, because before I started using Synthesizer V Pro, I created sung vocals with various virtual means, mostly through Kontakt (Native Instruments) or Opus (formerly Play) (East West). RealBand helps me the most to create multiple voices and sometimes I used Vielklang2 from Zplane and I also tested my own ears and knowledge of notes at any given moment of harmony and my uneducated sense of scale - song. My initiative was about short parts of the song, I mostly relied on the helper application. I don’t know of any application that generates a cross vocal. That is, two voices alternate in pitch tones. I use the RealBand for other more useful things. One of them is that RealBand can divide the drums in one track into a number of tracks so that each drum instrument ( Hi-Hat, Kick … ) that is in one track of all drums is in a separate track. It works well. Substantial changes can be made and additional percussion instruments can be added. I import the transformed drum set in one midi file into Studio One. And S1 it has great drum kits available and every drum instrument has tools to sound the drums in S1 and not only reverb, equalizer… I can also play with dynamics during the song and use other third party effects. He could have talked about the creation of other virtual instruments that RealBand will help us create for our possible transformation, but I’d rather stop now…

Beautiful - nice listening …

a stunning application of the software tools!

Never though to use BIAB this way, stuning result Hat off