Rainy Christmas Eve In California soulful version (updated)

A bit late to the party, here is a greatly improved (I hope) version of my original, Rainy Christmas Eve In California: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gXW64UkHrg
This features Saros, Hayden and Mai. The graphics are ethically-sourced from Adobe Firefly, the band is from Band-In-A-Box, with Eric Marienthal, Jeff Lorber and Alec Al. All legal, licensed usage. (Frankly, the only reason I bother with a video at all is that YouTube doesn’t let me add audio files without video content, even if it is a boring static image. My goal is not to sell the video but to offer the tune to an established artist, so I need some interest in the video portion, which means creative video editing as well.)

Suggestions on how to improve the intelligibility and clarity of the plosives, forgetting to breathe, needing to do more manual editing? Constructive criticism about the music and Syn V appreciated. IF there is a problem here with the use of the Adobe Firefly ethically-sourced graphics, let me know, I’ll take the link down. Thanks.