Dance in the Sky - new original Saros and Natalie

My first Saros song. A tale of unrequited love inspired by stories of the Medieval times of King Arthur. Natalie joins in as well. I first did this song almost 10 years ago for Vocaloid Avanna. Technology has sure progressed since then. Saros and Natalie have allowed me to re-create the song much more like I had originally envisioned it. Of course, the maiden and the man can be metaphors for modern challenges and lost loves. Thanks for watching.


I’m getting this when clicking the embedded video. " Video unavailable

Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner"

@SynergyV : Wow! That sounds nice. Just as a first time listener I think it would help to reduce some of the fancier parts (when Saros is signing multiple notes on a single syllable). As well there is something that let Natalie be in the same space as Saros… But it’s great! No question about it!

Does the embedded video link seem to work OK now? Yes, this was a difficult one to mix. The voices inherently sound like being recorded in different places with different microphones and processing. Thanks for the comments.

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Apologies. Didn’t check before. I still get the same response in regards to the embedded video.

Thanks, Eusti. I think I had forgotten to check a box in YT. Should work now.

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Fabulous! It’s working well now! :smiley:

Beautiful song… love the flute :heart_eyes: Great work :pray:

Love it, SynergyV . . . . .

I like the “Mythology” feel to it . . . puts me in mind of “The Fountain of Salmalcis” by Genesis . . .

Your orchestration does it proud . . . .

As for the Arthurian Legend, I’m a “believer” having sung on both of Rick Wakeman’s albums

of King Arthur. The original 1975 single Album, and the 2016 Double CD extended version.

I’ve performed both - 1975 at the Wembley Arena (on Ice) and 2016 at the O2 for the Stonefree

Festival . . . .

Legends give you unlimited scope for story telling . . . .

GREAT work! :+1:


Thanks, Parametric. It’s nice to have such an accomplished vocalist on the forum. I always liked how early Genesis used myths and legends as the inspiration for their work. That and Loreena McKennett’s Lady of Shallot were the inspiration for this. And speaking of Rick Wakeman - I’m working on a new prog-rock opera - Journey from the Beginning of Time. Inspired by his Journey to the Center of the Earth. Synths, band, orchestra, choir, narration, and Saros and Natalie and probably some Kaiber video too. Sort of a prequal to my Follow the Light, but more orchestra and more story (if I can figure out what that story might be). Thanks again for the nice comment.

Thanks Kenta. I’ve been following all your new work. Great stuff!

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Thanks :blush: i follow you too on youtube :+1:t3:

You are most welcome!
Perhaps I should qualify - I was a member of the English Chamber Choir that recorded/performed with Rick, rather than a front-row/Lead singer :grin:
Nevertheless I performed “Journey” at Crystal Palace in 1974 - and more recently, the extended “Journey” at the RFH for Rick’s 70th Birthday on two nights . . . which is probably my last outing with him . . .

Your Prg-rock opera sounds interesting indeed . . .
Listening to your work - I’m guessing that you’ve had a formal Music Education.
Be interested to know in what way . . .
Until my redundancy - I was 19 years as Tech Support in a University Dept. of Music - surrounded by a LOT of very talented kids that inspired me a lot . . .
I do miss it . . .

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Any professional singing qualifies in my book. :+1:

I have actually had no real formal music education. I jammed on bass guitar in High School garage bands with no real idea what I was doing, but I always had ideas in my head trying to get out. When DAWs came out, I could finally try to make more elaborate music with different instruments. Never learned to read music, but I could plunk down ideas one note at a time - and that’s still what I do. I’ve always been fascinated with the mathematics of music and only recently discovered “modes” and all the new sounds and emotions they can convey. That’s why Follow The Light is in (mostly) Lydian mode. My musical foundations were in Yes, Genesis, ELP and classical, so that’s where my heart is.