A Cosmic Lear - Natalie dream rock release

I played the guitars (strat, baritone strat, squier bass VI, Kontakt) and wrote Natalie’s melody to the backing tracking tracks.

I so far have not found a satisfactory way to use Synthersizer V in Abelton Live - the interfaces seem to clash - so I exported the audio from Live and used cakewalk to write Natalie’s part.

This is a video version of the no drums mix

The lyrics were generated by ChatGPT and the pictures by NightCafe - I then used this in the video.


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Sorry but… the bass is trailing behind so much! It could be much better if you fix just the bass guitar. Nice work.

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That is a fair assessment - thank you - I think I end up shifting meter in places and the drums really point that out and I was undecided how to deal with that. The vocals are intentionally off the grid in places by a lot - disrespecting bar lines and such - as it created a dreamy impression which I quite liked. In the end - yes that rhythmic rubbing / friction is there that I didn’t resolve correctly. Thank you for your honest impression, I appreciate it.

Hi parapentep70 - I’m curious if the removal of the drums and inclusion of the original guitar accompaniment changes your impression of the bass being late. A no drum version is linked below

No Drums A Cosmic Lear

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Yes, much much better. The rythm section (Guitar and bass) do play in time. The singer can move ahead or behind, this adds expressivity, there is nothing wrong. Think Billie Holiday, it is an extreme case of a band playing in time with the singer consistently starting early, it adds a very special tension. She started early… with reference to a very well defined time!

Nice harmony.

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