Under The Alter (progressive metal)

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Very interesting, an absolutely individual approach! And an impressing stream of video images. Touching.

Thank you, your response is honestly humbling.

The video is excellent - leaves me wondering how you assembled (or created) all of it! Stock - or did you generate a lot of it yourself? It’s cool!

The song (while not my style exactly) is good and performances are great. Is it a band - or solo effort?

SV - it’s Natalie, right? Not sure if it was mentioned…did I miss it somewhere?
Anyway, it’s also good - I just feel like at times it’s not quite fitting. It’s close, but I’m pickier than most and sometimes it seems to not sit in the mix - either a bit too hot at times - too dry - or the tonality (or effects) don’t sync as well as they could. The instruments/mix are all hit pretty hard with compression. It might be a dynamics difference I’m hearing. Maybe give her a reverb tail, or echo, or other FX.

It’s clear you’re an accomplished musician so hope these comments are taken as nothing more than opinions from another musician - ignore if you like - YMMV. Keep up the good work!

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