"I Wonder" with Natalie


Great tune! A very smooth groove, nice, simple instrumentation and great sounding production. Also a nice mix of tight, short singing and looser style too. My only quibble is the timing and notes you chose for the John Lennon name you. It feels a bit awkward compared to the rest of the vocals. But otherwise, sounds great.


Thank you so very much. Your comments are appreciated.

Sounds really good - I like the organic tonality you’re getting with her. Did you double track or do anything in your DAW - or is it all in SV? There’s a sort of falsetto jump in one spot that I’ve been trying to figure out for future use. Is the switch part/note on a tension or voicing parameter timeline - or some other approach?

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Thank you so much. Vocal file was imported into Logic Pro. Compression and reverb were the only effects. Final mix processed with Logic’s mastering plugin. Not sure which part you’re referring to, but the tension and vibrato were automated throughout the song. The backing vocals are enhanced with Apple loops.

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Thanks for the reply, and info. The jump I heard was at 4:07-4:08 from the words “boy” - to - “every”.
It’s probably just the large interval, and switch between distinctly different vowel sounds that gives a pseudo falsetto.

Natalie can sound a bit like Dido at times, and she uses that falsetto switch frequently - so it’s something I’m hoping to explore in some in my own original music.

Interesting you say the vocal file was imported into Logic. Why not just play it in via MIDI with the plug-in? Just curious about that workflow vs just recording everything in Logic…

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Working from the plugin is awkward for me when the vocals are complete. Easier when all my audio files are in one place. Once I’m happy with Natalie, I save then export the audio file(s). Once in Logic they are better to move around or cut up. My focus is on 1 timeline not 2. The only down side is if I need Natalie to change something. But that’s rare. Once the file is exported I’m 99.9999% sure it’s the final version. That “jump” you hear was probably just random luck on my part. I don’t know the software well enough to do something like that at will :smile: :laughing: :grin: