Hopefully, Voice-to-MIDI will be fixed to detect higher notes in the future

I just wanted to mention that the Voice-to-MIDI conversion still has some room for improvement, especially when it comes to very high-pitched notes. I was actually curious about the specific notes and octave the opera singer was singing, but unfortunately, Synth V wasn’t able to detect them properly. The right notes were detected, but not the right octave, and not the entire notes.

As shown here as D2 to D#2:

The plugin called NewTone in FL Studio had the ability to detect them.

As shown here:

The notes are actually D6 to D#6 that were sung and can be heard, even though they are visually represented as D7 to D#7 in NewTone.

I just hope that Voice-to-MIDI technology will be able to detect this accurately in the future.

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