ARA Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0b3: Copy & Paste GROUPS

This is realted to THIS topic:

When using the normal VST3 plugin, it is possible to copy and paste groups, which is really useful for a good workflow.

When using the ARA plugin (essential to work with changing timing), it is possible to copy a group (it is clear because you can the paste to a local track), but it is impossible to paste to another group (to have a copy of the clip).

I think it could be VERY useful to have the option to copy an entire group instead of copying all notes (select one groupd, Ctrl A, Ctrl C, then Ctrl V in the new group).

Under certain circumstances it is possible to copy the entire clip in the DAW (by copying the audio items), but only a pooled copy. As mentioned here (1.11.0b1 - ARA - Dissociating(Unpooling) ARA item removes it's contents (Reaper)) as soon as someone un-pools the edits to make ANY change (substantial or not), the group becomes empty.

Ideally it shold be possible to PASTE the copied group to a new empty group in the ARA synchronized tracks, the same as it is possible to paste in the local tracks.

It is somehow possible to copy Synth-V clips when the ARA plugin is applied to clips (items) instead of tracks, But this way to use the ARA plugin results in nasty timing problems, at least in Reaper (I suspect it can be dependant on the DAW).

I’ll generate a bug report about this last issue, it is not related.

The purpose of the ARA plugin is to have groups that are synced to audio clips in the DAW. If you want a copy of a group that is not associated with an audio clip in the DAW, it should be part of the instrument (sound source) version of the plugin, not the ARA (effect) version.

If you mean you want a second instance of the same group, try copying the audio clip in the DAW which the group is synced to.

If you want to use the audio clips as a starting point, but not keep them synced to anything in the DAW, either:

  1. Import the wav files to SynthV Studio (instrument plugin) directly instead of using the ARA plugin, OR;
  2. Save the project from the ARA plugin as an SVP and load it in the instrument plugin

Even if using the instrument plugin as a sound source, as long as the ARA plugin is present anywhere in the DAW project, it will feed tempo/playhead information to the instrument.

But… It does NOT work.

If I copy the audio clip, the contents (in Synth-V) are not copied.

The intention is good… but it does NOT work!

The only way to do it is through pooled copy. As soon as you un-pool, you lose everything. (this is what it was reported).

So it is clear how things should work… but they don’t work this way today. I would like the ARA plugin to work this way!