Just wondering if anyone has tried AceStudio. I tried the two week trial., It seemed like they stole/copied some stuff from SynthV, but I really liked the way they handled timing, and consonants.

One thing I really liked is that they have a bunch of voices you can use out of the box, and many of them sound really natural.

I’ve been using synthV for a long time now, and tbh I’m frustrated with how slow it improves. Especially now with the many vocal generating models out there.

Just interested to hear what other think about it.

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Never heard about it, never tried it, so I checked Youtube and was disappointed by what I heard.

Sorry, but I think Synth V is still the most natural sounding voice engine, though development might be a bit slow. But don’t forget, that Dreamtonics is a pretty small company with only a small dev team.

I hope they won’t be bought by a major company like Yamaha soon, like for example Fender bought Studio One.

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Yes have tried it, like almost all the similar stuff out there… But for me Dreamtonics’s SyntesizerV is doing the job in the best manner I can identify me as a producer.


I’ve seen Ace, I like some of the voices they have, but there’s this unnatural sound where it doesn’t completely hit right like SynthV does! For me, nothing compares to the high quality sound of SynthV. More voicebanks are coming soon that I’m excited for!

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We should be aware that it’s not the amount of more and more voicebanks coming that will increase the pleasure and the satisfaction of us to create good songs.

Software should always leave room for creativity to those who use it and this is why at the moment I don’t see better work done by others rather than that done by the dreamtonics team.

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My main gripe is with the cloud-based service model, rather than the ability to simply purchase the product and run it on your computer.

Even if they did sell “perpetual licenses” (perhaps they do now, it’s been a while since I looked), all the rendering is done on their servers rather than on the user’s device. This means you need a stable internet connection, you must always use the latest version of the product, and you’re reliant on their server stabilty.

With Dreamtonics products if the company goes under you could still use the software you purchased for as long as your activated device continues to function.

I imagine for many people this isn’t a huge deal, but Waves did recently get a lot of flak for trying to move their entire plugin suite to a subscription-only business model, so I don’t think it’s an uncommon sentiment either.


I had never heard of it, but checked out their demos and feel they all have this odd, harsh sound to them. The UI at first glance is looking just like SV!

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The UI similarities are unsurprising, given that most vocal synths look extremely similar.

To give an example, Vocaloid 2 was released in 2007, and SynthV Studio really isn’t that much different over a decade later. The main difference is the ability to draw the pitch curve directly over the notes, the use of side panels instead of popup windows, and an arrangement panel.

The dark theme and gray-on-gray design with pops of color are just in keeping with modern trends, and is very common among all sorts of music software and plugins.

Some additional information for those first hearing about Ace though, they’re Dreamtonics’ main competition in the Chinese market, while CeVIO/Voisona and Vocaloid are the main competition in the Japanese market.


…and as far as I’m concerned I don’t see much competition. All my money (that is meant to be spent) currently goes to Dreamtonics :smile:

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No, regarding a recent post in VI-Control forums, it’s still only subscription.

They can keep their plastic sound :wink: … it doesn’t sound as realistic as SynthV and I boycott subscriptions whenever I can.

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Ace’s subscription 20000yen/year is too expensive.
We can buy 3 Synthv singers spend 20000yen, and they become life buddies, not salaried workers.
And, Ace’s quality of Japanese is worse than Synthv’s.

But Ace’s timing control, looks like CeVIO, is better than Synthv’s.
I need alike control on Synthv.


Indeed :+1:

What voices are you using? Because i cant get Synth V to sound comepletely natural no matter what i do.

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I agreee its too expensive, and i absolutley hate subscription models. That said, im not really talking about the price.

I completely agree, it is very annoying and the start and stopping of it is pretty bad. I even had it stop a vouple of times and say something like waiting on queue. Which is ridiculous. That and the fact that its a subscription are deal breakers for me. But they have a a handful of voices that 8 think sound very real and natural. So far their voices have surpassed the voices i have for synth V by a good bit.

Maybe you heard dated stuff. I will say that maybe an 1/8 of their voices sound good, but at the same time you get to use all the voices. There are a few you have to get a commercial license for but they are shitty voices anyways. And yes the UI looks very similar to SV.

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Im not trying tobget people to go to the darkside. Just tryingnto have a discussion.

I dont know why people keep saying that synth v sounds so real. Can you shoot me a link with some examples of what you’re talking about? What voices are you using that sound so real?

I know… None of both gives the realism back that a real singer can do. I just only can make an example: you can try two guitars (and people may say " Fender is better than Gibson" …), finally you will make your choice for that one that fully meets your taste, even if you know that the other could fit better in the purpose of making certain styles of music…

To me and just for me , SynthesizerV is doing the better work… Other may and can think the opposite.

That’s an example with Saros:

This is an example with Ninezero:

Search Youtube for Synthesizer V and the name of the voicebank you’re interested in and you’ll find tons of examples.