Scripts shortcuts in plugin mode + multiple screens


great product indeed :slight_smile: !!!

but I just want to mention a couple of things which would make my worflow much easier :

  • I use some scripts which I have linked to shortcuts. Unfortunately it looks like these shortcuts don’t work in plugin mode, only in standalone mode ?

  • another very disturbing one : when using multiple screens and extended desktop (windows 10), all these small input windows asking for parameters open only on the main screen, not the one where SV is actually shown.


depends on the DAW. in Cakewalk, when you open Synth V plugin, you can click on the “keyboard” icon (top right) which will direct the keystrokes to the plugin when it’s open.

on the second issue - like the coding team using a simple “center” property on modal dialogs which tends to put it on the center of the main screen vs relative to the application window (which takes a bit more coding to enable but not much)