Halting Synthesizer V Instances to Reduce Latency During Audio Recording

I’m a big fan of Synthesizer V with Cakewalk DAW. However, I’ve been running into some nasty latency issues when recording guitar.

I suspect it might be due to Synthesizer V’s resource usage during PDC (Plugin Delay Compensation).

To address this, I propose adding a feature that allows us to temporarily halt Synthesizer V instances during guitar recording. This would significantly reduce latency and improve the overall recording experience.

there are a couple of things to try - one: freeze the synth v - press the “snowflake” button on the synth rack entry, or right click on the track and select “freeze”.

btw Synth V isn’t nearly the only VI or FX to create latency :slight_smile: you could go into the Synth V settings and adjust the latency but you might not get the results you need overall.

also, if you are still experiencing issues - consider turning off PDC (press the PDC button).

as a general rule (i use CW as my mine DAW) - when recording live - turn off all effects, synths, etc. freeze the synths you do need (drums bass etc). this will allow you to reliably get the lowest latency.

another thing i do (esp for solos and vocals) is export a 2-track WAV of the instruments, and use the standalone apps to create audio (and/or MIDI) for the vocals and solos. this keeps a lot of “mess” out of the project file, and lightens the load if you’re running purely audio files in the project (think of it like a client sent you a bunch of tracks to mix - you’re not really tweaking the MIDI sources, just mixing the audio produced - no heavy VI getting in the way).

of course if you’re simply composing in the DAW, then my first set of suggestions is likely going to get you closer to the latency you want.

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

I’ve identified the culprit behind the latency issues – it was the Izotope “Vocal Doubler” plugin applied to the Synthesizer V chorus tracks. When I removed all Synthesizer V tracks containing the chorus, the latency problem disappeared. This led me to mistakenly believe that the Synthesizer V instance itself was the cause of the issue.

I apologize for any confusion my misunderstanding may have caused.

no worries! always best to try out things like the “FX” button to remove the effects. in general, i only use the reverb on my mixer during recording for some reverb in the headphones and monitors, and keep all FX off and all synths frozen (or as i noted, as separate projects) as latency is just one of those things where some folks are really sensitive to even a couple of milliseconds, and others, i’ve got some friends who can tolerate 120ms and still perform in time.

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