How to get a "hard" T?

“say you love me TOO” sounds like “say you love me DO”. The T sounds like a D.
How can I get a more distinct T?

the only voice bank i have that seemed to make a D sound instead of the T was Mai. adding a glottal stop 'too seemed to improve it, but she was still way softer T than the other voices.

i imagine that using the other parameters (i just used default voice settings) to increase tension, breath, and other factors could improve things as well.

Fwiw - this is on Hayden.

How do I get to where I can edit glottals? I’ve searched the menus.

Double click above the note and add the “cl” phoneme to insert a glottal stop.

A shortcut to add one to the start of a note is to prefix the lyric inside the note with an apostrophe (').

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I’m (obviously) new to Synth V, so I’m trying to learn as much as I can. I’m amazed at the results I’m getting even in my inexperienced state.