Bass Voice Options

I currently use “Asterian” for my bass vocals on choir demos. Are there other voice options?

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i’ve also used Jun as a low baritone on some material and maybe he can go lower. esp if he’s somewhat blended in a choir.

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Frimomen is a good bass.

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Jack, I found the Synth V version of Freemomen, but all the demos I can find are in Japanese. I like the deepness and power of the database, but I’d like to hear it in English. Is there a demo (even a short one) anywhere of Freemomen singing in English?

One additional question: is this a downloadable database? I can’t find anything on the AHS website about the “delivery method.” Thanks again for the suggestion!

it’s an AI voice, so in theory it should support English. from the product description:

● Multilingual singing:
Supports singing in languages ​​other than the recorded language. For example, a singing voice database recorded in Japanese can be used for English singing, Chinese singing, Cantonese singing, and Spanish singing.

however it is Japanese language:

All non-lite AI voice databases can sing in the supported languages (currently Mandarin, Japanese, English, Cantonese, and Spanish), but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t have an accent.

If native-English pronunciation is a priority, it might be wise to wait until you see a few others post English works using Frimomen.

It’s also worth mentioning that Frimomen is a “character voice”, that is to say, he’s meant to be a tokusatsu hero-type character and his voice actor plays into that. Of course it’s still a versatile product, but worth keeping that in mind when looking for examples and considering whether he fits your needs.

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