MIDI Notes

Hi guys,
I would like to request the ability to make any MIDI note mutable.
The idea being that you can select a note or group of notes and right-click and select Mute. Likewise, on a muted note, you can select it and right-click and choose unmute. You could make the muted notes a different colour.

This would be a great workflow enhancer.

Thanks for reading

Yes, this would absolutely be great and it has already been suggested many times. It is however unclear if suggestions made in this forum will ever reach Dreamtonics as they do not actively monitor posts.
So maybe it is a better idea to send suggestions directly to: [email protected].

Hi Hummersallad,
I will try and contact them and see what they say.

Claire said that Dreamtonics do not monitor this forum, so are proabaly unaware.

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