How much monetization is too much?

I’m planning to purchase Synthesizer V and use it for monetized youtube videos and possibly albums I will publish on purchasable sites like bandcamp, spotify, and apple music.

I was wondering how far I could go with this monetization, whether I can use this product conmercially or if it is only for non-commercial usage.

Any guides or documentation? If there is no license documentation on the Synth V site already, I suggest putting it so that people can see on first glance of the website.


The licence for the editor itself doesn’t say anything about commercial usage (it does forbid reproducing, copying, distributing or reselling it for commercial purposes), but the current voicebanks require permission for commercial usage.

In this case then who should I be asking? The Synthesizer V group, or is there a seperate entity behind the voice banks?

I believe Animen is publishing the voicebanks, so try contacting them.

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Thanks a lot. Will do.

Ok so I checked the Animen site and there are two things I must mention:

  1. They seem to be in charge of Mandarin Voicebank’s Aiko design and voice, rather than the full publishing of all the voice banks. The voice banks I will be using are Eleanor forte and Genbu.

  2. The whole website is in Mandarin and I have no contacts who speak the language - so I would have difficulty in reaching them.

Any other alternatives? It would be great if Kanru Hua could answer my questions directly, as this does concern a whole demographic of people who want to consider buying the product, and not just me.


The terms actually apply to all databases except Yamine Renri.
From what I know, if you’re publishing albums through physical means then contacting them is necessary.
Other cases that require permission include creating commercials, video or audio clips for broadcasts / TV programs that use their characters and/or databases.
Regarding digital publishing and the means of contact, I will ask.


Thank you very much!!! We’ll await your response when you can contact them.

Dear Shius:

Nice to meet you,I’m business representative of Animen, thank you for your support.

If you have any ideas for cooperation, you can send a mail to [email protected], we are happy to be of help, and we will also aprovide English contact window.

Finally, thank you again for your purchase and support. If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact information. We would be glad to start business with you.