Synthesizer V Studio Pro VST support?

Synthesizer V had VST support to a greater degree.
Does Synthesizer V Studio Pro support VST as well?


Good question. That’s super important to me.

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They will add support for VSTi in the next release.
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Thanks. Do you mean the version that is shipping in this month? or did Synth V Studio pro have the VSTi support stripped from the codebase?

Because it is in Synth V version 1.

If there is no VSTi support in this upcoming version that’s both a travesty and a deal killer for me.

That would also not make it live up to the “Pro Studio” moniker.

Does this mean that I can use SV directly in DAW?(这是否意味着我可以在数字音频工作站中直接使用SV?)

I also get the news from a Japanese news website , I certainly hope they can update this month.
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yes, that’s what it means.
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I’m waiting for that update! I love having Synth V as a VST in Reaper.

It took sometime to get our license for developing VST3 plugins approved by Steinberg. We plan to release the VSTi version no later than Q3.


You have to have a license to develop vst3 plugins?
That arrogant company!

Thanks for the most comprehensive response.


It will be great for Synthesizer V Studio to support VST (including VST3) effects, so we do not need to export the stems to DAW to preview the mixing. We can apply VST effects (such as EQ, compression, reverb, etc.) to a track.

One suggestion:
Please allow users to choose whether to enable VST support, because if too many VST plugins are installed, it will take a long time to scan the plugins. And some buggy plugins may crash the application.

For example, SynthV can prompt the user whether to scan VST plugins when using SynthV for the first time, and the option whether to enable VST plugins can be changed in the Settings. Also, users may be allowed to pass command-line arguments (e.g. --disable-vst) to start SynthV without VST plugins regardless of settings.

希望 Synthesizer V Studio 能够支持 VST (包括 VST3)效果器,这样就不需要导出分轨到 DAW 来预览混音。可以加载 VST 效果(如均衡器、压缩、混响等)到音轨上。

请允许用户选择是否开启 VST 支持,因为如果电脑安装了太多的 VST 插件,那么扫描这些插件将会花费较长的时间。而且,一些有问题的插件可能会导致程序崩溃。

例如,SynthV 可以在第一次启动的时候提示用户是否扫描 VST 插件。“是否开启 VST 插件”这个选项也可以在设置中修改。同时,无论设置中是否启用了 VST,用户可以传入命令行参数(如 --disable-vst)来启动 SynthV 并不加载 VST 插件。

Will there be AU support one day?

If you are referring to the Audio Unit plug-in for the macOS platform, which is now supported.
If you are referring to the Adobe Audition, AU does not support loading instrument plug-ins.


yes the Audio Unit. thank you!

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