Voicebanks - Where? How?

Ok, I just bought Synth V Pro, got it installed, license activated, ready to go… except I don’t seem to have any voicebanks installed. Does it not come with any banks at all? If so, where do I find them all? I only saw like 2 available on Anicute’s site and all the links that I see in previous threads go to the SynthV official site but there is no purchase options on that site, it just leads you to external sites.

Thanks in advance for the help. I am by no means a newbie when it comes to virtual instruments and installation, but finding what I need to do and where to get it for this awesome synth has been a little difficult.

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Based on what I see on AniCute, you bought SynthV Studio - which includes nothing else. AniCute also sells some voice banks.

Some places do sell packs. Example: https://www.ah-soft.net/shopdetail/000000001204/ct120/page1/order/

Guess I will just wait until the end of the month for Eleanor to release then.

I also found this link that has downloads for Renri, except I have no idea how to install this:

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That’s for UTAU (another SynthV/Vocaloid program).

Renri was also ported to Synth V (the old version of Synth V), but I don’t think that voice bankw ill work with the new editor. Seems like Saki is the new “default”.


Each voice bank comes with a “free” version of Synth V 2 called “Studio Basic”, it has limited features/tracks.
“Studio Pro” comes with extra features, is for commercial use, gives unlimited tracks, and is the one you bought.

Right now, from Anicute, the voices available on SV2 are Genbu (Japanese) and Aiko (Chinese). Eleanor Forte is coming at the end of this month as a “Lite” version, meaning only 1 pitch. Full version will come later, but I don’t know when. A user called xuu contacted VOLOR and they said that Renri will be getting upgraded for SV2, I think I remember it being implied she will cost money (the one you linked to is her UTAU/not compatible).

AHS (ah-soft) also sells Studio Pro, Aoi/Akane Kotonoa (Japanese), and Saki (Japanese). Koharu Rikka got crowdfunded (Japanese) and will be getting an SV2 voice soon.

Quadimension has tweaked/is selling for SV2 Chiyu, Shian, Cangqiong, and Haiyi (all Chinese) on Taobao. They will be making a young male voice named Muxin (Chinese) and teased his voice recently.


omg Renri V2 confirmed?!? Awesome!! Though…oof, that makes it even harder to decide which Japanese bank to buy. I definitely want Eleanor Forte + a Japanese bank. I think Aoi/Akane are a bit too child-like for my music, so it’ll be between Renri and Saki.

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where can i get the lite banks?


for LinR_PN 's second link, scroll to the bottom and click on the checkbox. You’ll need to use both links, as Kotonoha’s lite version is only available from the second link and many of the others are only available at the first.

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There is no need to reupload files. All lite voices are available from their respective distributors:



Anicute (via the banners on the main page)


that’s her utau bank-