Synthesizer V Studio Pro - Voice tracks are not in sync with the instrument track

I imported 4 voice tracks from a MIDI file and instrument track from an MP3 file. Both files have been exported from the same score, composed within MuseScore. Naturally both voices- and the instrument tracks share the same tempo/timing. Synthesizer V previously imported them both properly and there was no problem to play them together. The music is in 90BPM in MuseScore. So, the MP3 instrument track is 90BPM. After importing voice tracks from the MIDI export of MuseScore, however, Synthesizer Studio Pro shows the voice tracks as in 120BPM. Obviously, it is wrong. Is this a bug in importing MIDI? The tempo/timings is not as anticipated. Thanks.

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If you can provide the files, it might be easier to address the problem.

Thanks for replying. You have asked for the files. The files I wanted to uplaod were .svp, .wav and .mid, which I can’t upload here. The .mid and .wav have tempo 90BPM but tracks from the .mid changes to 120BPM after .mid is imported into Synthesizer V Studio Pro, whereas the track from the .wav stays as 90BPM. This problem did not happen when the same task was done with the free version of Synthesizer V Editor. p.s. I am using the MacOS version of Synthesizer V Studio Pro.