Phoneme charts inside Synthesizer Pro?

Maybe I am blind, sorry in advance.
But I cannot find the table in the new version, is there any way to go there?
It could help me a lot, especially for Chinese voices.

I think its not implemented in pro. However there is still text files that include the phonemes chart. It should be located under C:\Program Files\Synthesizer V Studio Pro\clf-data Maybe in the next update it will be added back.


oof, I relied on that a lot in v1. Hopefully it’ll be available in the new editor.

I Agree, but what we did was publishing the charts (just search this forum) and printing it for consultation. The phonemes charts of Synth V work fine in Synth V Studio (Pro) as well.

The files don’t seem to be in the Mac version, which also happened with R1 too