Tuning doesn't export when choosing "Export to .UST"

I was trying to export a project to .UST, but when I opened the file in UTAU, all of the tuning was gone. Weirdly, when I open the same .UST in Synthesizer Editor or Studio, the tuning appears there! I’m pretty sure I’m missing some settings in UTAU or something but this is definitely weird. Any help will be appreciated!

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Hi! I know this is a year late, but I found a solution! Instead of exporting as a UST in Synthv, drop your SVP into this converter instead: UtaFormatix

Then switch on “convert pitch parameters”. This should preserve your tuning in the UST file and will be visible if you switch to mode 2 and select trace.

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Does this solution work for S5P or SVP? I’ve been looking around the web because of a similar problem but when I use the tuned SVP it doesn’t convert the pitchbends into the UST.

It works on SVP for me :smiling_face_with_tear: I use utaformatix all the time, just make sure you have that “convert pitch parameters” slider turned on.