Synth V Gen2 phoneme viewer?

Is there a phoneme viewer in the second generation/iteration of Synth V? I use basic and just downloaded it, seems like it’s nowhere. If there isn’t, does anybody have a list of phonemes in the form of a user dictionary or something? I’ve been thinking of writing the english/japanese phoneme set from the old Synth V as one in the new Synth V, but I don’t have Aiko (can’t spend money on this kinda stuff) and so I’m lost for what to do for new Chiyu and Aiko. Anyone have a list of the chinese phonemes?

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Aight boys I found it, nevermind

It’s in the clf-data folder. They’re “english-arpabet-phones.txt”, “japanese-romaji-phones.txt”, and “mandarin-xsampa-phones.txt”.


Hey, weird question, but on my mac I don’t have that file (this happened in R1 too), could you post screenshots of the X-SAMPA phonemes please? It’d really help me out.

here’s the list

a vowel
A vowel
o vowel
@ vowel
e vowel
7 vowel
U vowel
u vowel
i vowel
i\ vowel
ivowel y vowel AU diphthong @U diphthong ia diphthong iA diphthong iAU diphthong ie diphthong iE diphthong iU diphthong [email protected] diphthong y{ diphthong yE diphthong ua diphthong uA diphthong [email protected] diphthong ue diphthong uo diphthong :\i coda r\ coda
:n coda
N coda
p stop
ph stop
t stop
th stop
k stop
kh stop
ts\ affricate
ts affricate
tsh affricate
tsaffricate tsh affricate
x aspirate
f fricative
s fricative
sfricative ts\h fricative s\ fricative m nasal n nasal l liquid z semivowel
w semivowel
j semivowel
pau silence
sil silence

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Whoah, for Eleanor, I’m assuming?

Where’d you get this? It’s different from the included .txt

What I posted are the Xsampa phonemes (for the mandarin synth v-loids). Wherever you installed Synth V will have a folder called clf-data, inside will have .txts called “english-arpabet-phones.txt”, “japanese-romaji-phones.txt”, and “mandarin-xsampa-phones.txt”. English is for Eleanor. I installed the free version, so maybe that makes a difference? If you can’t find it I’ll post all 3.

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ohhh got it. I didn’t read carefully enough.

Yep I’ve got those! Since I only have Saki and Eleanor, I never bothered to look at the Chinese one haha.

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Thanks for the phoneme list, you’re a lifesaver

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these files dont seem to be installed on mac. V1.7.0

Solaria comes with a script that displays the phoneme list as a popup in the UI, but only for English.

I’ve also included phoneme lists for all languages in this tutorial post:

Thank you for your helpful response. I do not seem to have the Solaria phoneme script, despite having full Solaria installed. Can you advise where to get it or post it here?
Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 8.59.16 am

  1. Go to your Solaria order confirmation email.
  2. Click the link to the downloads
  3. Download the scripts and refer to page 3 of the included SOLARIA_Setup_Instructions.pdf file

My purchase email has a single download link that fetches the installer svpk theres no options to download scripts or instructions :frowning: I note that the application support folder for the dicts/eglish-arpabet is also empty. The download link for the application is set up the same way. I tried backtracking on the url but it doesn’t help - I end up here Dreamtonics Download with no options for those “extras”

In that case send an email to [email protected] and ask about the extras. When purchasing directly from Eclipsed Sounds they are included, but perhaps this is different when buying from the Dreamtonics store.

Thanks I’ll give that a try

I’ve heard this reported from another user who have purchased from Dreamtonics - the additional files that Eclipsed Sounds sent when purchased from their site are not included.