Please add MIDI input!

It’d be really useful If I could insert notes quickly using a MIDI controller.


I don’t know about the new version but in the 1st gen synth v I could:

Using a DAW (Cakewalk) recorded the midi as a series of notes describing the melody and imported that mid file into synth V .

Worked a treat.


Yes. That works really well. But I think It’d be way easier for starters like me who only have a simple MIDI keyboard to be able to record/perform right there on SynthV :smile:

This was my workflow, too. But MIDI keyboard input directly into SynthV would be great!


I also agree, I want to be able to record midi notes directly. I think that the sound is good with the sound of the sign wave of the preview. This is quite useful for improving the workflow.

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And control the pitch lines with the mod wheel would be nice too, how you write orchestral instruments in a DAW. The only controllable options in the VST right now is bypass on and off, wet and dry. It would be great it the whole VST was controllable, that might be a lot of programming and testing. But would be worth it.

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+1 That’s exactly what I’m missing in Synth V. Make it “playable”.

Finally implemented. Thanks developers. :+1:
But for some reason it didn’t work in my environment.


Implemented? I just updated my Synth V and I don’t see it. Where can I find it?

MIDI controller support will be added as of 1.8.0 (not yet available). You can find the pre-release (beta) version 1.8.0b1 here. Beta versions need to be installed manually and cannot be downloaded from within the application.


Thanks a lot! However, my virtual midi device can not be selected… Don’t know why… Maybe because it is beta? Oh, I just realized that it is available only for pro version. I’m using basic version, so no fun for me…