Turning of diphthongs

This is a question for the SV Studio Basic. How can I control when diphthongs are turned? Eg in the word ‘Way’ I would like to turn the diphthong right at the end of the word. At the moment the vowel is changed slowly throughout the note length. I don’t want to have to split up the word into separate components. I have tried adjusting the phoneme % sliders in the note property menu but it doesn’t have the desired effect.

Also how do you zoom in and out on the mac? I can’t see a menu item for it and the usual touchpad squeeze or keyboard shortcuts don’t work.

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I * think* this is a Studio Pro feature

For shortcuts…do you have shortcuts listed in the settings tab? On Windows, that’s where it tells you how to scroll/zoom.

Thanks bellerandre. There is no zoom shortcut listed in the settings tab but a recent post mentioned holding Cmd button and scrolling with two fingers to zoom which works.

It’s not a Pro feature, believe me. They still haven’t fixed the diphthong problem.