Doesn't work with spaces in filename/path

This is a bug with SVP Basic using a Mac. If there is a space in the filename or folder path then I get an empty session when I open the svp file.

Also if I rename a working svp file to include a space, eg test.svp -> test new.svp then the session is empty when I open it despite there being data in the svp file.

It would be very useful if we could see the name of the file being edited in the topbar, like we had for V1.

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Anyone else have this problem? It still errors in 1.0.5.

If I try and open an .svp with spaces in the filename I get a blank session, but if I use file->open… then navigate to the file it opens correctly.

Please could you could make the filename being edited visible in the topbar, at the moment it just says ‘Synthesizer V Studio Pro’

I agree - Add file name in the top bar

I am able to open files with spaces in the names. I’m on Windows 10.