Copying the "content", not the "link", of the note group

When copying a note group, it merely copies the “link” to the original note group, which means that when changing the notes and parameters of the copied group, the original note group will be altered.

Currently, there is a workaround: Disband the group first and then make changes. However, if we would like to group the notes again, we must select all these notes and parameters, which is not convenient, and we may forget some parameters.

I think Synthesizer V Studio should allow users to copy the “content”, not the “link”, of the note group. If the “content” is copied, changing the new group will not have influence on the original group. (Synthesizer V Studio may prompt the user whether to copy the link or the content)

Many songs have repeated parts, that is why we would like to copy notes and parameters. But the repeated parts may have differences, so we would like to make changes to the copied notes and parameters while preserving the original ones.




我觉得 Synthesizer V Studio 应该允许用户复制音符组的“内容”,而不是“链接”。如果复制音符组的“内容”,修改新的组的时候,将不会影响到原来的组。(Synthesizer V Studio 可以提示用户是复制链接还是复制内容)


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I wrote a script to clone content of the note groups.

The script is CloneNoteGroup.js located in scripts directory.


  1. On the track, select the note groups that you wish to duplicate.
  2. Run this script. (Scripts menu -> Clone Selected Note Group)
  3. You will see the duplicated note groups in the Library panel, with suffix (copy).
  4. Drag the copied note groups to the track. Place on the desired location.
  5. Now you can modify the copied note groups without affecting the original ones.