Eleanor Forte Full ver release date?

Hey, does anyone know when the licensed version of Eleanor Forte will be released? I already own GENBU and Saki, and I have the Lite version of Eleanor Forte, but the thing is I want to use her for my music, which I plan to commercialize, and on the download page for the lite voices, you can’t commercialize anything you make with them. And on the Synthesizer V site itself, it only has Eleanor as ‘To Be Announced’ instead of a link to where you can purchase the voice. So any idea when Eleanor Forte official version will be released? Or has she been released already and I’m not knowing where it’s at?


I don’t think anyone here has any more info. I’m waiting for her, too!

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“VIP booking of Eleanor Forte Sound Library Pro at the end of August 2020” so likely release could be around October~December.