Where's the manual?

Is there one for SynthV Studio? I can only find the old Editor manual.

The videos are useless.
Their like la la la la la… did you catch that? no, tough.

Agreed; the videos are nice, but it would be useful to have a text manual for quick reference, as well as for topics that aren’t covered in the videos.

I can’t remember what specific question I had when starting this thread haha

The videos are a great intro. And I actually prefer videos to writing. But they don’t include everything:

What are all the possible phonemes? (I know about the included .txt files - but they don’t have the handy pronunciation guide like the old Editor)

How do I use the user dictionary? (I’ve entered words + pronunciations, but SynthV doesn’t obey)

How do I pop-out the note panel, instead of having it docked?

Hope I’m not coming off as complaining: the software is amazing so far! Just trying to be constructive, as I plan on using this for a long time!

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    Is there a manual available?

Manuals are a thing of yore in some circles.
Like this one.

Did you ever find a manual? Two years on and I have all the same questions you did and more.

There is no manual for SynthV Studio.

Some of the documentation for the original SynthV product is still accurate, but that product had a different UI and no AI functions so there is a lot missing and many of the menus and features aren’t exactly the same.

If you have questions, try using the search function in the top right corner of these forums. If you can’t find any answers that way, make a new topic and we can try to help.