Where's the manual?



Is there one for SynthV Studio? I can only find the old Editor manual.



The videos are useless.
Their like la la la la la… did you catch that? no, tough.


Agreed; the videos are nice, but it would be useful to have a text manual for quick reference, as well as for topics that aren’t covered in the videos.


I can’t remember what specific question I had when starting this thread haha

The videos are a great intro. And I actually prefer videos to writing. But they don’t include everything:

What are all the possible phonemes? (I know about the included .txt files - but they don’t have the handy pronunciation guide like the old Editor)

How do I use the user dictionary? (I’ve entered words + pronunciations, but SynthV doesn’t obey)

How do I pop-out the note panel, instead of having it docked?

Hope I’m not coming off as complaining: the software is amazing so far! Just trying to be constructive, as I plan on using this for a long time!