Eleanor Lite: Notes above D8 are LOUD

I know I’m way above her range but…that’s what the piece calls for :upside_down_face:

With Saki, setting the expression group seems to help. Is there a workaround for Eleanor?

Again, I know I’m pushing the limits but…seems like there should be a way to get those notes without the insane clipping.

Well, it is the Lite version, so it’s not completed. I’m sure that the full version will have Expression Groups for EF, too, to help with that. At the moment, you can turn down the Loudness in the parameter section, which seems to help.

I’ll get the full version the day it comes out! Still seems like a weird/unnecessary/unintended glitch. Especially because this problem is also present with Saki. Just not AS much so.

Turning down loudness helps, but that’s for the entire voice, not just the notes. My workaround for now is setting those notes on a different track, to turn just that voice down. But again - this seems like a glitch. Not sure if it’s within SynthV or the voice bank, but either way, I hope it gets fixed so we don’t need to use “workarounds”!

As will I, however, I meant the Parameter on the bottom of the program and not the sidebar.

You can draw the lines of how you want the Loudness to be louder or quieter, as well as messing with the pitch lines, tension, etc.

Oh right! I found that after you mentioned it…I forgot to reply. Thanks!

You’re welcome.