Failed to load file after program crashing

Hello, I am having trouble with Synthesizer V for the first time.
I made a s5p file for the vocals of my original song. As I wanted to check if I used the right instrumental, I muted the vocals and listened, but after that I couldn’t unmute them, the program froze and crashed soon after. I then tried to open the file again and it just gives me the “Failed to load file” error message.
Is this the end? Will I never get that file to work again or is there anything I can do? I was just about to start working on the harmonies, but now it’s all lost.

Here is the file:

Do you want to share the file somewhere so someone can take a look?

Also, I recommend using some kind of backup mechanism, preferably with version controls. It could be as simple as git, using it with GitHub. Both are free to use.

Ah, yes. I should have done that from the start.

Here’s the file:

Okay let’s see… Apparently it crashed when it was saving the file, so it only wrote half of the file back to disk:

I can add all the parenthesis needed to make the file readable, but nonetheless, almost all of your parameters will be lost (or if you have other tracks, because I’m only seeing one)

Okay done. Are you fine with me uploading the file here? I don’t have MediaFire account after all…

Thank you so much for recovering the file, you saved me so much time with that! I didn’t edit the parameters yet and the second track will be easy to remake, so that’s fine.
You can upload the file here! I’m really thankful!

Hi, sorry if I seem annoying, but could you please upload the file? ^^"

song vocals glasses.s5p (55.6 KB)
Sorry for missing your message earlier. See if this works.