Where's the "community"?

This forum doesn’t seem very active. Hopefully it’ll pick up. But in the mean time…

Is there a forum where people discuss this stuff more in-depth? I have a good handle on editing, but I’m about to have some more advanced questions.

I also want to see more scripts and ask about them - I imagine many more scripts will be created - more than will be put in the official repository.


We’re here but the product itself isn’t that famous so the community is obviously small


Welll… there is a small reddit community thats got 127 members so perhaps you can ask there? https://www.reddit.com/r/SynthesizerV/

I don’t know how many synthv users there are but I do believe there will be many many more once people find out what is going on here.

I run a youtube channel and make videos for my songs from Stable Diffusion. I have been a user of Synth V for a very long time and I always promote it I have seen some people buy it and then make songs and videos with it and post links in my channel. I posted one of my videos in this forum on reddit the other day and they permanently banned me because I used Stable Diffusion They made up a rule right after they banned me that said NO AI art and that AI art damages synth v and is stealing material.I have more subscribers on my youtube channel than they do in that reddit and that is just me alone, there are lots of other people using AI and Synth V and some of them were brought in Synth V because of my videos. Songs with videos get more clicks and exposure, with this kind of attitude I doubt they will grow much. Kind of funny about them being on a high horse about AI when Synth V uses AI. A These anti AI crusaders are fighting a battle that has already been lost, for one thing you can legally take pieces of art and make a collage out of it without AI and if it is different enough from the source material it is considered fair use. AI is not going anywhere, it is only going to get bigger and it is already way way bigger than Synth V, so to alienate and block people from that community does nothing but hurt Synth V sales and exposure.

That’s quite an interesting story. Truth is aside from what I hear around the water cooler AI is quite new to me in practical terms. SynthV has changed that and now I find myself thinking a good deal about it. My thought so far is the AI cat is out of the bag and nothing can stop it. It is as inevitable as the Internet and in ten years we will be inhabiting yet again a very different world.

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Yes, absolutely. It is going to get exponentially better at some point and I think it is going to change humanity far more than the industrial revolution did. These art and music programs are cool and interesting but when AI really kicks into gear in all areas like science and medicine,biology it is going to rapidly speed up our knowledge and there is no telling what kinds of things we will discover. It has had a big impact on the chess world and this goes back to the Big Blue games between the machine and Kasparov. Now humans do not stand a chance against the AI not even the best grandmasters.

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