Linux VSTi?

Are there plans for a Linux VST?

I was heartbroken to discover it was omitted when I woke this morning, as I’m stuck on Linux.

If you have something cooking, I’d be delighted to help BETA test it.

Would this work?

Because the Linux package is a portable version, maybe it is a problem for the VSTi library to find the installation path. In my opinion, creating a symlink to ~/.vst3 is enough.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I was looking at this one as well:

soulmelody: are you suggesting there might be a problem with these kinds of libraries?

I am assuming that if there is a native version.
LinVST is for Windows VST2, If you want to use the Windows version of the VST3 plugin, you can run Windows-based daws (like REAPER) via wineasio, because VST3 bridges are still imperfect yet.

Oof. Is there a VST2 version of Synthesizer V vst?

I’m going to try setting up Wine and the Windows Reaper tonight.

My main target for this is Supercollider via the VSTPlugin ugen.

Am I out of luck until a native Linux version is released?