I'm having trouble importing UST's.

I don’t know if I just am just doing something incorrectly, but I’ll download a UST, and then try to import it into the program. The thing is, on the import screen, I’m not allowed to tap on the UST. Is there something I have to do first? Or am I doing something wrong?:joy:

Edit: I found the answer to my problem, but I’ll leave this here just in case someone needed help with this too…

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What name is the ust and it’s folder? Even despite language and locale of the pc sometimes programs compatible with UST have issues if the folder and ust are named with japanese characters. should be fine it it’s only one or the other tho!

The name of the UST is, “MAGNET UST by HaruVampire.rar” and it is currently in my download folder. From the download, I can select, “Open with Synthesizer V Editor”, but when I do, it’s just a blank project.

How exactly did you import the UST?

Uh, so you entered a RAR file as a UST? Download this then extract it with that:

Drag and drop the UST into a folder THEN open the .ust in SynthV.

I’m not too great with stuff like this, so I probably went wrong here​:joy:. Actually, I didn’t even import the UST at all, that’s the problem. When I select “import” in SynthV, the UST isn’t selectable.

Unfortunately, I can’t open this application because files applications for Microsoft Windows aren’t supported on MacOS.

Wait, so ZIP can’t work in Mac? Does it have to be RAR?

I believe ZIP works on Mac. And it probably doesn’t have to be RAR, it was just the certain UST I attempted to download…

Mac user here, ZIP does work on mac, the problem may be that if you downloaded the UST directly, it did not translate over completely because the ZIP was not there to do the decompressing of the file.

My solution would be to try to find a ZIP or RAR of the UST, or try another format such as VSQX (VSQX is the Vocaloid 4 format similar to UST and SVT ) And like UST, VSQX and it’s predecessor VSQ are both compatible in Synth V.

Additional note:
you will need an unzipper such as WinZip if you download a RAR file.

Hopefully This helps!

Omg! Thank you so much I finally fixed my problem!:smile:

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