AU plugin in Ableton Live crashes on existing projects

I just purchased Synthesizer V Studio Pro, and I’m trying to use the AU plugin on an existing project in Ableton Live and it keeps crashing. It crashes the whole DAW as soon as I try to load the plugin into a track.

The odd thing is that the plugin works fine in a new blank project. But for an existing project, I can remove all the tracks and everything to make it a blank project, but the plugin still crashes on load.

I’m on Mac 10.15.6 and Ableton Live 10.1.2

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Confirmed that it’s also happening with the VST3 plugin, and also on latest Ableton Live 10.1.18

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Hello! I’m on the same macOS version (10.15.6) running Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.0.8 within FL Studio 20.7 [build 1033].

I’m experiencing similar issues: Loading the AU/VST3 in a blank project works just fine, but attempting to load SynthV Studio within an existing project causes the entirety of FL Studio to crash.

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