Troubles with GENBU. Need help [SOLVED]



I recently switched to SynthV Studio and noticed that GENBU’s lower notes are super quiet, muffled and ‘gritty’. I also used Saki and she doesn’t have this issue; the same notes sung by Saki sound just fine, their volume is consistent. The volume shifts with GENBU make songs sound really bad. I reinstalled the program and GENBU a few times, and it didn’t help. Tried differen’t build, but it also didn’t help. Is it something with the voicebank or do I do something wrong? I use GENBU Lite. I remember that old SynthV GENBU handled lower notes just fine.


SynthV Studio updated the composite model to change the performance of the voicebanks.
Genbu (Lite) contains only one “A3” expression group, and the pitch performance in C3 is really not good enough.
The full version of Genbu would be much better because it has three basic expression groups for “A3”/“C3”/“F4” and two additional optional expression groups for “G3Soft”/“F4Flasetto”.
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That explains a lot. Thank you for helpful response