need help with Kotonoha Akane & Aoi

I’m using Synth V Studio Basic, I just downloaded Kotonoha Akane & Aoi. My friend told me that it’s one voicebank with two voices, how do I get the second voice? I’ve been fiddling around in all the settings and panels and can’t seem to find it

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It’s the same voice and voice provider. The way they end up being used is if you use the voicebank with a Kansai or westernish dialect, it ends up being Akane. An Eastern dialect is Aoi.

how would you change a dialect in a voice synthesizer when it’s the same language, with the same characters, and the same phonemes?

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I think it’s literally one voice bank. No switching, no nothing.

But I wish they’d be much more clear about it, because it’s seriously so unnecessarily confusing.

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Because the dialect relies a lot on word and particle choice, selecting expressions, and what vowels to lengthen. It’s hard to explain without going through the linguistics of it and I’m a terrible language teacher.

But at its core, it is the exact same voicebank, it’s just marketing AH uses for the characters demonstrating how it can be used and characterized, it’s the same for the Voiceroid banks.

In case your curious about kansai dialect -