Tempo not imported

When I import MIDI file with 4 vocal parts with File->Import, the tempos are imported correctly. When I import the same MIDI file with File->Impost as Tracks, however, tempos are all lost. Is this a feature or a bug? Thanks. Synthesizer V Studio Pro for Mac OS 1.0:4.

The name of the track cannot be the same, otherwise it will be ignored.
This should be a problem and I hope to fix it. @khuasw
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Update: I’m sorry for the mistake in my understanding… this reply is not related to the post.

By using “Import” and “Import as Tracks”, Synthesizer V automatically names the imported 4 tracks as Tack 2, Track 3, Track 4, Track 5 (this is because there is Track 0 already in the New score, I think). The MIDI tracks had names as Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, but these names aren’t imported into Synthesizer V. When the MIDI file is imported back into MuseScore (digital score software), the track names re-appear. So I know that the tack names exist in the MIDI file, i.e., the tracks do not have the same names.

I’m sorry for the mistake in my understanding.:sweat_smile:
Synthesizer V Studio start-up has set the tempo of a BPM120, “Import as Tracks…” is to add MIDI to the current project, and It will not change the tempo of the project, I think it’s the expected action.
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