Eleanor Forte & Importing from Vocaloid Voices

If it doesn’t sound too sacrilegious, would it be possible to import voices from other studios into Synthsizer V?

I like the look of your product and as a newbe to this scene, I am seeing currently a shortage of English voices. Please can anyone advise me?

The voicebank of Synthesizer V software is dedicated and does not support the import of voicebanks released by other companies… :sweat_smile:
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Thank you for your reply.
Please can you say, if there are any voicebanks available at this time, that can be used for my commercial products and for English speaking users?

The English voicebank of Synthesizer V Studio is currently only available for Eleanor Forte… There is only a Lite version, and the full version is “To Be Announced” :sweat_smile:

PS: As far as I know, there are some great tuners who use the Chinese voicebanks to sing English songs :joy:, but this requires you to be familiar with X-SAMPA phoneme format.
Share a piece of work that I think is good :yum:.
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