SynthV Studio pro in VST plugin's version still at 1.0.6

This is a report from VOLOR’s user mail response.

Currently the only way to get vst plugin is using internal update function in Studio, it will download newest installer for user, and that should be the very right one official can offer.

If you install “svstudio-pro-setup-1.0.8” from update you will only get VST version 1.0.6, the VST version editor will hint you “updates avaliable”, so the VST version in official server should still 1.0.6.

Apperently, there is a nearly full package of SynthV Studio inside VSTplugin,
so very likely, there are separate one, and both need update separately.

So if there is another new version coming, please don’t forget to update the one in VSTplugin.


Waiting for the new version. _ (:з)∠) _

Thanks your reply.

And also thanks using Eleanor as icon that ordering original illust, quite lovely.

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Hi there, I recently upgraded the Cangqiang vocal library and the new version of the editor is very easy to use. I want to know if the basic version with VST function, because I found that the version number of basic version is 1.04 and cannot be upgraded on my Mac OS laptop.

This requires a pro version and updates the version to more than 1.0.6 to support the VST plug-in.
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