How to make Eleanor scream in Studio Pro [solved]

Hi !
I’ve been using Synthesizer V Editor for a while and I loved the glottal effect panel because I could make Eleanor Forte scream way easier than making her do it in my DAW.
Unfortunately, I haven’t found this functionality (yet) in Studio Pro (1.0.8). Is it somehow hidden and if yes, where to find it ?

Thanks in advance for you response

Synthesizer V Studio is not currently supporting Global Effect, and the feature is being developed and will be available later._(:з)∠) _
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So that’s why. Thanks @LinR_PN ! Can’t wait for this update

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On the subject of updates – I’m still on 1.04 Pro Mac OS (paid version) but I haven’t received any notification about any updates and now I read about 1.08 apparently available… :frowning:

So, as a newbie around here,

  1. How do I get notifications about updates and

  2. Where can I download them, please?

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Update in the program! Settings tab, I believe.


Thank you, bellerandre! :sunglasses:

Specifically it’s in the License tab

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