Does anyone know how or where to purchase the Synth V Medium5 physical voicebanks?

Hello, this is my first post on this forum so please forgive me If I’m messing it up lol.

So i’m not even sure if they are still available as a physical purchase anymore, as whenever I go to the Quadimension Taobao page, it shows only one listing of what I am assuming is a digital purchase. I really do love their designs and would love to have their boxes, as the only synth v’s I’ve purchased so far, (AiKO and Genbu) have been only digital. Saki and the Koto sisters are on my list next, but if anyone could help me figure this out I’d love any info! I’ve never bought anything from Taobao before so any help is greatly appreciated!

You need to contact customer service(So you need use chinese). If you have purchased the digital version, you can buy it for 15 yuan (RMB).But only synthesizerv-gen1 version. New version( synthesizerv-gen2) is coming soon.

So the Medium5 vocals were only gen 1 physically on Taobao? And gen 2 physical editions are coming soon then? I’m a bit confused aha, I know some other synth v users have physical boxes already. I’m mainly just wanting to get Cangqiong and Shian. Does anyone know how soon they’re coming out in that case?

There are not ready to launch a second-generation Medium5 physical versions,
the previous box was a first-generation Medium5 voicebanks, and they’re off the shelves.:sweat_smile:
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Aww man :disappointed_relieved: thanks for letting me know though! I’m huge into collecting physical voice synth boxes, and Its a bit of a bummer that I’ve yet to see many boxes for synth v so far, but I can understand why that is the case. I know I’m getting Saki and the Kotonoha sisters at least, and the other new AHS vocal thats coming on the horizon. I guess I have no choice but to buy the Quadimension vocals digitally whenever they come up for sale though…

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I’d been debating buying one of the medium5 voices, but I couldn’t understand the taobao entry through the lens of googleTranslate. I guess Quadimension is still too busy with their game to make physical editions of the new versions. I’m still having trouble understanding what the “special pricing” for Minus and Muxin is, how I would qualify for it, and whether there are any alternatives for those two (neither are available through Anicute).

You can purchase the digital versions of all Quadimension R2 banks through TB Focus (a Taobao proxy service, they purchase the items from Taobao on your behalf). These are options #1-6 in the dropdown.

For the 200.00元 options (#10-13 in the dropdown) it is simply “you must have the R1 version of this bank to qualify for the discount”. I do not know what “senior users of Minus/Muxin” (options #7-8) means though since I was under the impression they do not have an R1 version.

Be aware that the physical option near the bottom of the list is purely a collector’s item with the R1 case and DVD but no product code.

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thanks for the info. The proxy I’ve been using only had the options in Mandarin, and even that is short on details. It’s also missing the basic digital option, just the upgrades and the old physicals.