Can't register free voices

Hello! I just downloaded SynthV Studio Basic, and I saw that you could register a few voicebanks for free. I tried registerig Renri, Eleanor, and Genbu, however none of them registered and I only got the message “We’re experiencing some technical issues.
Please contact the site manager.”
I found a few other people had this same problem, but I couldn’t find a solution. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

I believe the Renri, Eleanor and Genbu voicebanks you are referring to are their first generation vocals which aren’t being supported in Studio Basic, which is the second generation version of Synth V. The new free voicebanks can be downloaded here at Anicute , the official international synth v voicebank marketplace. They are all monopitch voicebanks labelled “lite”. Anicute contains the downloads for Genbu, Saki, Eleanor, AiKO and Chiyu lite, while Kotonoha Aoi & Akane lite can be downloaded here at AH-Soft’s website . Unfortunately, we don’t have Yamine Renri lite yet, but she is an upcoming vocal that is currently being worked on supposedly. Just make sure that when you do use these lite voicebanks for covers, you label said covers as “lite” as their usage agreement states.

A few days ago I tried redownloading the first generation voicebanks myself to get Renri, and I was dealing with the same issue of their links being broken as well, I hope somebody fixes that, or at least updates the site to redirect to the international store instead.

Thank you so much for the help, I think I’ve figured it out now! And I’ll make sure to keep that in mind! Hopefully they fix it soon :smiley:

Awesome! Glad I could help!

This still isn’t fixed, I wanted to get Eleanor Forte but I got the same message. For now, I’m just using the lite version of the voice. Hopefully, I don’t get in trouble for using her in my music.

For Synth V Studio, Eleanor Forte Lite is the only version available. The other one is for the Gen1 Synth V. The picture below has some simplified info about using Lite voicebanks.


So you still need to register for the license by paying? On the site, it says to register for free or is it talking about the Synth V version we own?

There is no Eleanor full voicebank available for Synth V Studio (which is Gen 2). Right now the only version of Eleanor, paid or not, usable in Synth V Studio is the lite voicebank. The full voicebank has not been released yet. The “free license” you see is for the Eleanor voicebank for the first generation of Synth V.

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NO VOICE BANK is free and the basic free version of synth is not worth anything if you can not test a singing voice in it. I have written to the dreamtonics company but got video help in Japanese and links to voices that cost money. If I can not translate the text ( which would be possible if they allowed a screen format that allowed for that ) Still after a month of trying to use it I have had no luck. I would like to try it out but the AI voice market is growing and I am searching for others to try since I am getting nowhere with this.

What do you mean? The basic version can use the free lite version of Mai?

(I don’t have the app in front of me so someone correct me if I named the wrong vb which is free.)

Every voice database labelled as “lite” is available for free for non-commercial use.

You can find links to all the free components in the FAQ:

If you need a more long-form answer:

Mai is available in Synthesizer V Studio Pro only,and Mai Lite doesn’t exist.


hey sorry i know this is an old post but can somone give me the link for haruno sora’s lite version download i can’t find it anywere and i think she got released already.

It’s not available yet. When it is, you can find it here:

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found it today thx sm

uhh there is a weird named file is tat normal?{i don’t remember this from the time i got teto and maki}

It’s just the Japanese version of the readme file. Computers that don’t have the primary locale set to Japan might not display the file name correctly.

Teto’s lite version had the same thing.

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thx i will use the voicebank rn

just me who can’t put the instrumental{i get it from xbox captures recorded from yt then i sert iy

insert it and it does not work lol}