When will full version of Eleanor Forte (2nd generation) be released?

On the Dreamtonics official website, it still says Eleanor Forte is “To Be Announced”. Although I can use the lite version now, I am looking forward to the full version!



I’m a bit worried about how quiet Dreamtonics is lately :confused:

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Probably never.
Dreamtonics == Kanru Hua and he has basically run away.

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Hi there,

Funny enough, I asked the makers this exact question this week when asking them about licensing issues.

Their reply was “we cannot confirm a release date yet”.

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I think that they are completely not interested in the Western market, and without high-quality, paid English voicebanks, I don’t see any sense in purchasing the software :angry:

Well, the fact that they have released the new version of Synth V without any English voices completed, does suggest that the Western market is not their primary target area.

This is a real shame to me, as I think that this software has massive potential.

I also think that maybe Western users are looking to use this software in a completely different way than maybe our Asian counterparts.

I personally am not interested in buying into the whole “character” thing.

I just want decent, professional quality singing voices, that sound like real singers, not cartoon characters, to sing over the “noise” that I make.

I have managed to get “Eleanor” to sing far better than some session singers I have paid, and without the hissy fits and dramatic walkouts.

For now anyway. :grin:


I wonder how well you can make the Japanese voicebanks sound by phonetically spelling english with katakana. It would be super clumsy, hard stop consonants mostly wouldnt be there, etc.

Seriously though, getting good sounding commercially usable english capable voicebanks bundled with Pro is what would make me decide to buy this over Vocaloid 5. I don’t have to buy anything in the very near future but there is a finite amount of time I will wait.

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Absolutely. ^^^

Couldn’t agree more.


I agree with you.:laughing:

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Thinking about it, I would go one step further, and say it is not only the need for professional quality singers, both male and female, but also, different styles of singers.

For example, I am currently working on a funky house-type track, and Eleanor just does not cut it.

Not that I expected her to of course, as her voice style does not suit that genre of music.

And that sort of proves my point, I feel.

Of course, this is true in the real world as well.

Johnny Rotten probably would not sound too great singing Cliff Richard records, and Chuck D would probably not sound too great singing a Katy Perry song.

Although I would definitely pay to see that. :sunglasses:

A wise man once said to me - if you are making an apple pie, then why are you buying oranges? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So, in an ideal world, we would have male and female soul singers, pop singers, rock singers, reggae singers, operatic singers etc. to cover all bases.

But of course, I know I have to be realistic - I know that @khuasw does not have the resources of his main competitor, who themselves, being a massive company, have not mastered this voice synth game to perfection as yet.

But we can dream…

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I’m using Eleanor on a post-punk cover right now and she sort of works tuned down an octave and messing with her voice parameters. But yeah.

Companies will produce voicebanks when they feel there is a demand, I guess?

I’m buying Eleanor the second she’s released!



I will be buying Eleanor as welll, as she does sounds great on some of my other less “funky” songs.

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Yes, I find that she sounds better at lower octaves on my music as well.

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Nice! This means MUCH longer delay but, honestly I’m ok with it. It confirms that they haven’t abandoned it - they’re just working to make it better.


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