Has The Clarinet Soundfont Been Removed From Synth V Studio Basic?

Hi there,

In the original Synth V Editor, a clarinet sound plays when you move notes around on the piano roll.

It does not seem to be functioning on my Windows 10 laptop when using the new Synth V Studio Basic.

Has it been removed?

Is the feature available on the Pro version?



I have the Pro version. Seems it’s been removed. I’d like it back! Note preview is so helpful.

You can still click the piano roll on the left, to hear a note.


Well that sucks. :poop:

Yes, I agree, I find it very useful as well.

Bring it back! :grinning:

I kinda miss that little “brrrrrr” of the clarinet when dragging the note up the piano roll. :rofl:
Would certainly be nice to have it back.

Yes, with the way I use the software, I find the clarinet note preview invaluable.

Let’s hope that @khuasw adds it back in a future update. :wink:


Well, I actually did a bit of an experiment today.

This morning, I created a singing melody using the old Synth V Editor software with the note preview switched on, and this afternoon, did the same, using the new Synth V Studio BASIC, which does not seem to have any Note Preview mode.

The results are in…

…and although I was able to create a melody in Pro Basic without the Note Preview facility, I found it far easier, and quicker, to knock out a melody with the old Synth V Editor.

I am not sure why this feature was implemented in the original editor, and has now been taken out, but after today’s experiment, I still would like it returned.

I know some users may not find it as useful as me, and so maybe it could have an on/ff switch to cater for needs of everybody.


+1, this makes the most sense to me.

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I’m a Synthsizer V Studio Basic user and the crarinet sound is usefull for me because I have a problem with my eyes!
When I’m editing a word and it get out its place, the clarinet sound would be great to put the “word” again in its place, for example!
Thank you!!!


I was also wondering the same thing! It really helped me write melodies in the original version, since I don’t have perfect pitch (if that even matters lol) and I hate doing guesswork with the notes haha. I hope the clarinet playback will be considered for future re-implementation! ; v;