Error When Attempting To Update Synthesizer V Pro Basic

Hi there,

Wow! I haven’t been on this forum for months, and today I have created about 5 new posts. :grinning:

I have just downloaded Synth V Pro Basic 1.06, in order to check out the new features.

After clicking the “Licence and Updates” side button, I clicked “Check For Updates” button for Synth V.

It stated that an update to version 1.08 was available.

I therefore clicked the “update” button, which resulted in what I assume was the new version being downloaded onto my computer.

After I clicked the installer, the following error appeared on my screen…

Any one got any ideas what the problem is?

Anyone had a similar problem?

Many thanks on advance.


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The download failed, the installation package can not be only 1KB:sweat_smile:… Delete and try again.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I noticed the size of the file myself.

I have tried again 10 times - it is always 1KB. :thinking:


Well, Let me upload the installation package and try this…(Update file)!AhhrP3cS1Wh4nM8j_ziPR1aUzzXszw?e=a81LlV

When the SynthV Studio next update is released, follow this site:

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I have the same problem with Synth V Basic on Mac, it downloads the installation package which is 162 Bytes and the installer fails to load.

It’s not a problem because Basic’s 1.0.6 works fine, but for whatever reason the updater is acting strange.

Sorry to hear that - but glad I’m not the only one.

Sorry to reply late, if you need it, you can download the installation package in my reply above, has updated the file containing Win/MacOS/Linux system.
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Received, installed and it’s working on Mac OS Catalina.

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