Brightness, Color Change and Note Separation

After using SynthV Basic for sometime, I really love the UI and sound from the voicebanks, however I personally found the UI a little dark for me. When editing parameters I’m fine but when editing notes I couldn’t see the measures. Please add a brightness feature in the editor. Another I’d like to see is separation of notes when you’re looking at tracks and see the melodies that aren’t in the tracks you’re viewing. This is just for cosmetic, but the ability to change the color of the tracks, notes and piano roll would be nice . For example, when you open a second track, it’s blue. I wish the notes and the piano roll when hovering your curse over a key to also be blue. Thank you!


All texts in the Editor are too dark for me to read. They should be pure white on the current dark background.


same for me. please let us choice color et background color. or options like : dark mode, light mode, … very difficult to read the screen.

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