Eleanor Forte Registration

I have downloaded Eleanor Forte and have installed it but nothing happens when I try to register. Is there a registration process? I have the SV free software working except for the voice what am I doing wrong and when will there be a Male voice in English?

Hi if you’re using Synth V Studio basic or pro Eleanor Forte Lite does not require a activation, however because it is a lite voice it cannot be used commercially. An updated full version of Eleanor Forte should be releasing by the end of the year/early next year. If you’re using the previous version of Synthesizer V eleanor forte is no longer avalible for registration.

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Please, do you have a link to EF Lite? And do you have any idea about a male voice and pricing for everything?
Thank You!!

This is my previous reply to others, there is a download link:
I also hope they can come up with a EF full version of the paid version._(:з)∠) _
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Given that the non-Lite voicebanks are unavailable is there much advantage to buying the full version of Studio at the moment? How good is the DAW integration? I assume at minimum basics like the time signal/tempo sync work?

Probably going to buy, but might wait to see when the commercially releasable voicebanks ship.

Good question - and why I created this post…

Does Synth V Studio Pro VST Work With Ableton

I have even offered the developer to beta test Synth V Studio Pro with Ableton, but as yet, have had no reply.

As you said, without English voicebanks (for people who make English language songs), there is little point in purchasing the Pro version, unless the VST works with your DAW of choice.

I still do not know, and therefore have not purchased it.

If you are after English voicebanks the only one of the horizon as far as I am aware is Eleanor Forte, and the creators told me last week that, as yet, they cannot confirm a release date.

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MANY THANKS for the info!! I got EF installed and singing my lyrics. But I haven’t gotten SV5 to run inside a DAW. Do you need the Pro Version to get the VSTi for DAWs?
Thanks again for the help

Yes, that is correct.