Saving Bug?

Hi everyone,

Just checking to see if any one else has this same issue.

I am using Synth V Studio Basic on a Windows 10 laptop.

  1. Open Synth V - the current project is shown as “untitled” in the top left hand corner, as you would expect.

  2. Add anything to the piano roll and save the project, naming it whatever you like.

  3. After saving the project, the project name is still labelled “untitled” in the top left hand corner, and also has an asterix next to it, indicatiing an unsaved project, even though it has just been saved.

  4. The file is saved with the name you just gave it, in the location you saved it in, but Synth V, is not updating its GUI window with this new infornation.

Anyone else seeing this?


This is a BUG,It‘s happens when you open a first-generation S5P file in the SV Studio, and if you open a second-generation SVP file, it’s not a problem.
Hope to fix it. @khuasw
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