SynthV AI Demos revealed!!

Saki sounds incredible here, I can’t even begin to think of the possibilities, but I also can’t help but feel a little jaded after years of learning how to tune vocal synths lol… Now they just tune themselves I guess…


I love it!:laughing:

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@khuasw is quite obviously a robot from the future. :laughing:

This is taken from the comments on the YouTube page for these demos…

“Synthesizer V AI updates will be available in early 2021, first with a few Japanese voices

Understandable, obviously, but I wonder how long we will have to wait for English AI voices, when you consider that we are still waiting for the only normal English voicebank to be made available to us.

But exciting times ahead, nonetheless. :sunglasses:

Maybe @khuasw can give us some idea what we can expect in the future when he’s finished working hard, as he is obviously from there. :grin:


According to VOLOR’s Twitter feed, it’s estimated that Eleanor Forte is also waiting for AI updates.
I’m looking forward to it!
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oh my GOD

So excited!!

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It’s excellent that they are going to be improving the pro version with the new voice AI updates. However the lack of any indication of relative priority there is unfortunate; you have to kind of read it between the lines. It’s to be expected that Eleanor would be prioritized below the Japanese and Chinese voicebanks but still some indication of rough expected timeframe would be nice.

I’ve seen lots of posts of people being upset about the lack of english support in the west, and its understandable, but the demand just isn’t here anymore. The initial wave of western vocal synth users Hatsune Miku bought has subsided, and what remains is a new type of Vtuber / Voiceroid user culture in Japan, while Vsinger has bought about its own Vocaloid resurgence in China. I’ll eagerly await and support any new english voicebank that comes out for SynthV, but I’m just glad vocal synth production in general isn’t completely dead yet. The last few english Vocaloid projects that came out during V4 flopped hard, so I’m glad we even have Eleanor here in SynthV to begin with.


Yeah. The sad thing is that even the current generation of V5 English vocaloids can sound better than most autotuned western vocals :slight_smile:

Like, it just got to where it needed to be, and people are ignoring it at the moment.

Then again, Conqueror came out last year and got 3.2M views. So you never know.

As someone who has never owned Vocaloid, and only knew of the existence of Utau two weeks ago (yes, really :neutral_face:) I really appreciate this info.

I think this kinda hits home what I have said in other posts - I am wanting to use this as a professional music tool, whereas perhaps it is being promoted towards the market you mentioned above.

In that case, as you said, we are probably lucky to even have Eleanor at all.


I’m more or less the same as you in that regard. Even farther, I don’t care about any of the “culture” around vocaloids, the characterization and backstory fiction, etc. I’m actually put off by it a bit, to tell the truth - just not my thing. All I want is a high quality voice synthesizer, I couldn’t really care less about the rest.


When you get down to it, the lore of the individual vocaloid has no real bearing on its use and I’m not sure we as foreigners would even be welcomed to participate in it :confused:

I find I’m not all that happy with the English voices that I’ve heard and wish they’d take similar care with selecting singers as they did for their own languages. That said, I’ll still be practicing with Elly.