Voicebank doesn't appear in database

I’m using basic / free synth v (version 2.0.8) in mac, and want to install free version of Genbu and Renri’s voicebank. I completed the installation but they don’t appear in the singer’s database (no pop-up or error msg). I tried dragging the .pkg to the software but it did nothing. Any tips for this? (weirdly, I succeed in installing Eleanor though)

There are two generations of Synthesizer V. The first generation is Synthesizer V Editor, and the second generation is Synthesizer V Studio. The voicebanks of the two versions are incompatible with each other. You need to download the correct version to use it.

Synthesizer V Editor and voicebanks download:
(Contains the first-generation Aiko, Eleanor Forte, Genbu and Yamine Renri voicebanks)

Synthesizer V Studio and voicebanks download:
(Contains the second-generation lite version of Aiko, Chiyu, Eleanor Forte, Genbu and Saki voicebanks)
The lite version of the second-generation Kotonoha voicebank can be downloaded from here:

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Thank you!

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